homebuilders and homeowners 
can solve homelessness

Homebuilders will enroll newly built homes 
into HOMEFUL. By doing so, the HOMEFUL 
Charitable Housing Agreement will be included 
on the title. Homeowners may chose to opt out.

During a sale, 1/10 of 1% of the sales price 
will be contributed by the seller as a tax-deductible 
contribution to the HOMEFUL 501c3 public charity fund.

This process repeats every time the home is resold – 
allowing for a charitable donation to be made 
each time the home is resold, in perpetuity.

Funding Homeless Solutions.


  • Currently there are three sources of funding that support homeless services – philanthropists, companies and the government. No matter how the donations are distributed, it is still a finite universe of funds.
    HOMEFUL will create a new fourth source of funding through home sale donations. This additional incremental income will not cannibalize the existing sources. Not only is this funding source incremental, it is also sustainable. We call it an “annuity in perpetuity.”
    With this additional and sustainable source of funding, we can leverage and transform the way we treat and solve homelessness.

The Life of a Homeful Home

  • As the market grows and the home appreciates in value, Homeful funds will exponentially increase over time.