What is the Charitable Housing Agreement?

The Charitable Housing Agreement (“CHA” or“Agreement”) is a legally recorded contract initiated by the builder and between the seller and Homeful that records an agreement on the title of real property (“Participating Homesite”). This contract affords Homeful the right to collect the Fee — 0.001 of the gross sales price of a home — on the original sale (as defined in the CHA) and all subsequent sales of a Participating Homesite. Should you require a copy of the Agreement, please contact your Escrow Company and/or Title Company. If you are unable to obtain a copy of the CHA from your Escrow Company and/or Title Company, please email us at info@homefulfoundation.org (reference community name, tract & lot in the subject line).


Is this voluntary?

Yes, enrollment is completely voluntary.


How is the fee calculated?

When a home is sold, 1/10 of 1% of the sales price will be contributed by the home seller through escrow as a tax-deductible contribution. For example, if a home is purchased for $250,000 the fee equates to $250.00.


Does this happen every time the home sells?

Yes, this process repeats every time the home is sold – allowing for charitable contribution to be made in perpetuity.


Where does the money go?

Homeful charitable contributions will be distributed to qualified 501(c)(3) public charities working to eradicate homelessness. Contributions made to Homeful will stay in the general community in which they were donated; allowing citizens to work together for the betterment of their own neighborhoods.


Is this tax deductible?

Yes, all contributions made to Homeful are tax deductible.


If my home isn’t enrolled in Homeful, can I enroll it?

Yes, you can.  Please contact info@homefulfoundation.org for more information.


If I buy a brand new home that is enrolled in Homeful, do I have to pay a fee?

No, the first time the fee will be processed is when you sell the home to another buyer.


How is the fee paid?

The funds will be paid through escrow and the title company will send the payment to Homeful once the escrow closes.

Enrollment is not mandatory and you may opt out at any time.

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In need of immediate assistance?

If you are a family or individual experiencing homelessness or are in need of resources such as shelter, food, medical attention, etc., please contact your local assistance team by dialing 211 or visit the following link: https://www.211.org